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However, after reading this article, you will know exactly what to look for in good business plan writers and go into this process with your eyes open.
Good business plan writers
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Yes, it's true, finding good business plan writers can be very difficult. I deal with plan writers on a daily basis and let me tell you, business plan writers are not all created the same. You should also know that a good business plan writer will not always agree with you. He/she will challenge your pre-conceived ideas, assumptions, and strategies in order to prepare you for the questions asked by potential investors.Never pay out the full amount of cash up front. Let me repeat this... Never Pay Out The Full Business Plan Costs Up Front! The payment schedule must be done in phases. The most you should be paying up front is 25% to 35%. Never pay the 100% up front because you can wind up with a crappy plan. If a business plan consultant wants the 100% payment up front, get rid of him/her. Trust me on this one. Good business plan writers know this process and will ask for 25% to 35% up front and will do your business plan in stages.